2022 Black Mountain Middle School Teacher Wish List

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Julie Malmquist:

  • Playwright’s Project residency ~$3000
  • Belly Bar Table for students who wish to stand ~$300

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Danielle Reyes:

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Kelly Logan

  • Construction Paper 18×24 All Colors
  • Printer Paper 8 1/2 x 11 All Colors
  • Kids Scissors (2 dozen)
  • Watercolor Paper 8 1/2 x 11
  • Kleenex Tissue Boxes (1 dozen)
  • Paper Towels (1 dozen)
  • Black Fine Tip Sharpie Pens (3 dozen)

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Katie Stromayer

Emilee Smith

  • $200 to keep classroom library updated
  • $300 art supplies for various projects throughout the school year
  • $500 for buses to take Language Arts students to a play at The Old Globe (hoping for Ebenezer Scrooge’s Big San Diego Christmas Show or another curriculum related show later in the year)
  • **I’m waiting to hear back from The Globe about student matinees. I also don’t have an exact amount for busses or tickets.

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Arlene Gapusan

  • Playwright’s Project $1,200 per section ($3,600 total for all three humanities sections) 
  • New books for the classroom ($200) 

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Kim Treloar

  • $900. Last year my students showed phenomenal growth using IXL. 54% of them achieved or surpassed their annual stretch growth at the winter testing. 

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Christina Gonzalez

  • art supplies,
  • supplies for hands on Social Studies projects
  • books for my classroom library
  • Scholastic News subscription

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Danielle Brown

  • Art supplies to supplement Language Arts and Social Studies (Winter Tree watercolor, Aztec Mosaics, Renaissance Mini-Masterpiece shrinky-dinks) $300
  • Offset the cost of bus transportation to San Diego Museum of Art with Docent guided tour of Renaissance collection and special appearance by Curator of European Art, Dr. Michael Brown $500

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Erin Telles

  • Art Materials (Social Studies Projects)- $500
    EdPuzzle Yearly Subscription- $120

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Christell Kaun

  • Empty 2 liter bottles,
  • gallons of white school glue,
  • colored cardstock,
  • glue sticks,
  • washable markers,
  • masking tape,
  • scotch tape, duct tape,
  • 1/2 inch pvc pipe (12 inch long sections)

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Laura Stainer

  • $105 for Mobile White Board 
  • $299 for IXL Math subscription
  • $100 for Scholastic Action Magazine class subscription 
  • $60 for class set of calculators 
  • $130 for class subscription to Sumdog.com for math

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Marisa Bajenski

  • TBD

Ron Scipio, Band

  • TBD

Karina Padilla, Spanish

  • Senor Wooly, Gimkit and Kami Subscriptions
  • Classroom materials and supplies for Spanish projects (pencils, colored pens, highlights, a microphone, card stock paper, etc.)

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Alex Anella, Math/Leadership

  • Classroom Supplies (glue sticks, tissues, pencils/erasers), math puzzles/activities.

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Emilee Smith, 7th Grade Humanities

  • $100- Kami Teacher Subscription

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Kayleigh Slavin, Math

  • Scholastic Math Subscription for a class set (40 copies)- $350
  • Laminator with plastic Sheets- $100
  • Cardstock (1 case)- $40
  • Classroom Supplies- $100 

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Christina Frangos, Math

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Rose Dotran, Science

  • TBD

Leslie Kerrigan, Science And Technology

  • Laboratory consumables (hydrogen peroxide, glue, elodea, aquatic snails, chemicals) – $200;
  • Science replacement glassware (beakers, graduated cylinders) – $200;
  • Classroom set of meter sticks -$100;
  • Subscriptions (Boom Learning, Kahoot) – $75;
  • Office supplies (cardstock, colored paper, Sharpies, educational materials printing/lamination) – $75;
  • Costs for Technology elective field trip ($750)

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Stephanie Sgambelluri, Humanites and AVID 7

  • Scholarship funds for AVID students to attend field trips 

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BMMS Front Office, Health Office

  • Band-Aids, Snack zip lock bags, Bathroom cups, Tissue boxes, Sticky notes, Playmate colored pens, File folders, Clear report folders, label’s, HP 61 black ink and color. 

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Barbara Chappell-Brown, Library

  • “Banned Books” & Multicultural Books for BMMS Library, District Approved. $468.40
  • Snippet from order quote:
    FLR# Title Author Yr Bnd ATOS IL Qty ! Price Ext
    1489QU8 Dreamers Morales, Y 18 FBS 2.2 K-3 1 22.07 22.07
    1148AK8 The hate u give Thomas, An 17 FBG 3.9 YA 5 22.07 110.35
    1686ZE2 Just ask! : be different, Sotomayor, 19 FBS 4.1 K-3 2 21.37 42.74
    0789DWX Last stop on Market Stree de la Pena 15 FBS 3.3 K-3 1 22.07 22.07
    1810RB2 The magic fish Trung, Le 20 FBG 3.0 YA 5 23.57 117.85
    1443HV0 New kid Craft, Jer 19 FBG 2.9 5-8 5 19.47 97.35
    0629LU4 Sonia Sotomayor Krull, Kat 15 FBS 5.5 K-3 1 16.17 16.17

    7 titles (qty 20) Total Guaranteed Title Price $428.60

Donate to Barbara’s Library wish list here.

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