To The Education Foundation At Black Mountain Middle School

Your donation goes directly to Black Mountain Middle School.

Some things we do with your donations:

• Teacher grants that directly impact your students in their classrooms
• Tools and technology to enhance learning
• Support for clubs and extracurricular activities that extend beyond classroom learning

And much, much more!

The Education Foundation at Black Mountain will be working with teachers and staff to best support their needs. Please donate today so EFBMMS can immediately fund teacher grants as needs arise. EVERY DOLLAR RAISED is an investment in our children’s education. Together we can ensure BMMS teachers and students are equipped to succeed

Our contact information:

Education Foundation at Black Mountain Middle School

c/o BMMS

9353 Oviedo St.
San Diego, CA 92129-2198
Phone: 858-484-1300
Tax ID: 06-1703158

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